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Cruise the canals of France on a  Luxury French Hotel Barge Vacation.  A French barge vacation offers a special  glimpse of France, at 4 mph.  Each day you will take a Tour in an air conditioned private French tour bus. Each day aboard your Luxury French Hotel Barge Vacation will provide you with a new sampling of the finest French wines and the best in gourmet French foods. Some barges even offer an open bar.  It is all included in the price. Try a French Barge Vacation Cruise this year.  Your French Hotel Barge Cruise Vacation will be the best French Barge Vacation you ever had.

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Our recommendation is to arrive in France on Thursday and allow your body to adjust to jet lag so that your cruise experience is without the drag of jet lag.

Post cruise hotels are a must as it would be very difficult to arrive back in Paris to catch a flight out on the last day of the cruise




21 passengers


The Heart of Burgundy


Done each week from April to the end of October






The Heart of Burgundy

"The most beautiful countryside in France."

Caprice does one of the most popular itineraries in France, "The Heart of Burgundy."   We begin in April and end at the end of October.   We begin in Dijon and take you on the Burgundy Canal to a St Jean de Losnes on the Soane River to Challon where we join the Canal du Centre.  On the canal du Centre we cruise directly through the wine villages, mooring among the vines.   Shore Excursions to Dijon, Capital of Burgundy; Beaune, capital of the vineyards; Medieval Fortress of Chateau de Marguerite; 12th Century Chateau Rully; 12th century Monks winery of Clos de Vougeot; Barging center of St Jean de Losne; and visit to Hotel Dieu, the first charity hospital of Europe founded in 1443.

30% discount for charter only on  July 12, July 26, August 16 Charter only

20% discount for Aug 2, 23, Sept 6, Oct 4 individual bookings only

Recently acclaimed the best value in French Barge Cruises

Priced from 2990 per person


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22 passengers

Majestic Alsace-Lorraine

From the Rhine to The Vosges Mountains

The most interesting canal in France




Majestic Alsace-Lorraine

"The most interesting canal in France."

121 photos show you why.


Lorraine travels  on from the Rhine near Stasbourg into the unparalled beauty of the Vosges Mountains of Alsace and Lorraine.  This is one of the more interesting itineraries in France.   You will ride the famous inclined plane of Arzwiller as Lorraine is lifted 150 feet in one movement.   Going to a crystal factory and seeing beautiful crystal in the making, really up close, is a highlight.


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Clair de Lune

6 passengers

Canal du Midi

South of France

Sunshine is a given


Canal cruise on the canal du Midi, southern France.

  Clair de Lune travel on the beautiful Canal du Midi in the South of France where sunshine is a given. This canal is argued by some to be the most beautiful in France.  I would not disagree.  But the Midi was built 250 years ago when boats were smaller.  The normal size canal boat will not fit into the locks.  Clair de Lune is not a barge conversion but was built specifically for this canal.  It is magnificent.

Retail prices from $6300 per person double.  A charter for 6 persons is $33,000-- 5 persons is $31,950 and 4 persons is $30,600.


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The Luciole

14 passengers

Canal Nevernais



'Luciole' explores the finest up-country route in France.

  Luciole Cruises the beautiful Nevernais, a shallow canal that take a specially shallow draft barge to navigate certain sections.  Thus it is limited to certain barges.  The Luciole is a perfect fit to our collection of barges as the cruise is incredible and the barge very comfortable.   If you have not seen this area of France you are in for a treat.

Retail from $3450 to $3850 pp dbl.  2 single cabins on board without single supplement.

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Magna Carta

8 passengers


Lower Thames


  Magna Carta provides Royal Luxury on the River Thames.  Luxury suite accommodations, fantastic shore excursions, and a great itinerary from London to Henley (above Windsor)..  

Retail prices from $3800 per person double

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